The Podengo is a Primitive hunting breed that is slightly longer in body than tall at the withers.  

The breed comes in 2 varieties: Smooth (with undercoat) and Wire or longhair (lacking undercoat). 

You may get a Medio out of two Grandes' and a Grande out of two Medios.

Utilization: From the 15th century on, the Medio and Grande were used as hunters for rabbit and large game.

Pequeno - Small
Medio - Middle or Medium
Grande - Large

Can compete in: Conformation in the MISC Class - Open Show, 4-6 month puppy class, Tracking, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Rally, Agility.


Podengos in general are very lively, active, funny dogs that love to play.  They do however require firm training  or they will find their own adventures.

They easily entertain themselves with toys, chase each other and stalk each other around the house and yard. They are highly intelligent and learn new things very fast. 

They are easily motivated by food and fun. Since they are a watchful dog, they are not as easy going and playful with strangers.

They may view smaller animals (dogs, cats) as prey. 

They may be quite reserved initially and prefer to greet strangers on their own terms. They are very tolerant and compliant, eager to please their family members and put up with most requests we make of them. 

In the mountains of Portugal
Happy Hanna

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Six walks on water
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Hunting with Podengos Medio and Pequeno in Portugal - Thank you to Nuno Ferro for these wonderful photos and you can see more hunt photos HERE

Portuguese Podengo
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