The FIRST club devoted to preserve and promote the larger sizes of the Podengo breeds, the American Portuguese Podengo MedioGrande Club was founded in 2008.  It built on the strong base of the breeders who were a part of the Great Lakes Portuguese Podengo Club (GLPPC).

We are active participants in AKC activities.  If you want to learn more about this fun, active, exciting and energetic breed, please contact us to find dogs near you so you can see them in action.

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The purpose of the American Portuguese Podengo Medio/Grande Club (APPMGC) (known here as the Club) is to encourage and provide education in the breeding of purebred Portuguese Podengo Medio/Grande’s of both coat varieties in accordance with the APPMGC breed standard and to represent the Portuguese Podengo Medio/Grande with the American Kennel Club as the Parent Breed Club. 

The APPMGC will do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the Portuguese Podengo Medio/Grande and to encourage sportsman-like competition in dog events. The APPMGC will promote the qualities of the breed to its membership and the general public through communications, publications, educational seminars, and positive approaches. 

The APPMGC is dedicated to the promotion, showing, breeding and advancement of the Portuguese Podengo Medio/Grande towards AKC recognition through special events, educational programs, as well as championing research to health related issues.

In recognition of the rarity and limited gene pool of the Podengo in many sizes but most particularly the Grande, the APPMGC, will continue to work with Portuguese Breeders and others committed to the recovery of these sizes in Portugal and in the United States to identify registered dogs, collect DNA and evaluate pedigrees to increase genetic diversity.

In addition the APPMGC supports the limited use of animals with RI designation as determined by the Club in the country of origin within a carefully controlled process to ensure the survival of the breed. 

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 2 year terms expire 12/31/2024:
President Diana McCarty
Vice President – Veronica Miller
Secretary - Glenda Downing
Treasurer Joke Tucker
Board - Ginger Bowles
Board - Sheryl Lynn Bradbury
Board - Colton Cheney  
Board – Lorri Niskala 
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